Do you have the perseverance to prevail?

The year is 1830. Your expedition through the Rockies was succeeding until the Colorado River ravaged your crew. 
Now you must press on to the FortAll that stands in your way is a vast and haunted wilderness

Immense Character Customization

Choose one of several characters,
then specialize in dozens of skills and traits. 
Decide what kind of Pioneer you are and
grow in power as you gain Insight.

Navigate a Sprawling Wilderness

North, South, East, or West?
Explore dynamic areas that 
bestow benefits or inflict harm.
Wise explorers scout ahead or craft
rope to prevent ill from coming to them.

A Physical and Spiritual Battle

In this cursed wilderness of
natural and supernatural threats,
you must wield your faith
and your skills if you are to prevail.

You Don't Have to Go Alone

Are you a maverick or a team player?
Backwoods offers stunning solo play, or
cooperation between 2-4 players with
high player interaction.
Want some company?
Bring a Canine or Feline 
companion with you.
Prefer to be alone?
Take the
Flintlock Pistol along instead.

Test Your Survival Skills

In Backwoods, you’ll forage, craft,
and fight off hypothermia
Each play is rife with tough decisions,
divergent story events,
and triumphant moments.
Do you have what it takes to
brave the Backwoods?


Enter the Wilds. Buy Backwoods

What’s in the box?
•1 premium canvas bag  •4 dual layer boards
•228 tokens  •190 cards
•48 wooden cubes  •4 dice
•2 custom wood meeples  •1 Manual
•1 phase mat  •1 art print
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